BRSCC Mazda MX-5 Championship Drivers 2021

John Kinghorn #38

John Kinghorn

Age 56
Home town Timperley, Cheshire
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Started banger racing (full contact) at 18, and progressed to stock cars (full contact), and then on to Super bangers (unlimited engine size series – full contact)

Having ‘retired’ from racing 2006 I started instructing at track days

I also got involved helping a friend build an MX5 race car for his son, but the son wasn’t available to drive it, so I ended up in it

So, from 2010 to present, I’ve been racing MX5 s (full contact)

Every year since my mid-twenties has been my ‘final year’ of racing

This year is definitely my ‘final year’ of racing (I think)

Achievements and Goals

Super banger points champion

Northern and Midland Banger Champion

Figure of ‘8’ Banger Champion

Goal this year is to have a good year’s racing and get some top five finishes


Hollywhite Engineering Ltd

Current Standings

There have been no races in 2021 yet.