BRSCC Mazda MX-5 Championship Drivers 2021

Alexander Preston #32

Alexander Preston

Age 28
Home town Windsor, Berkshire
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I started racing when I was 18 in the Mazda MX5 Championship. I have never done any competitive karting and the Mazda’s were my first competitive form of racing in motorsport. My only experience on track before I started racing was a single track day in a Lotus Elise and an experience day at Castle Combe. I got hooked onto racing from then and I applied for the Blendini scholarship which I didn’t win but kept in contact with the team. We then bought  a car from Blendini but me and my dad have no mechanical knowledge so fortunately Blendini was happy to look after the car during races and transport it to all of the events.

Achievements and Goals

The goal is to achieve an even better result than last year and hope to be a Championship contender. The dream is to end up in endurance racing such as the Le Mans series or Grand Am, in my eyes they provide exciting races with the best machinery available.


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Current Standings

There have been no races in 2021 yet.