BRSCC Mazda MX-5 Championship Drivers 2019

Jonathan Fieldsend #53

Jonathan Fieldsend

Age 49
Home town Woodbridge
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Home town

Woodbridge, Suffolk


I’ve been interested in motor racing for a long time but before joining this championship I had done no more than arrive and drive kart events and a couple of track days. It was time for a full mid-life crisis.  Time to stop talking and time to get racing. As I write this after a weekend at Cadwell Park I have competed in a massive total of three MX5 racing events.  


My races so far have often resembled a rather nice but lonely drive in the country.  I start at the back of the grid and then watch the rest of the field disappear.  I only see them again when they lap me.  At my first race at Brands Hatch I got lapped twice.  However, in the second race at Brands I got lapped only once and at Cadwell Park I didn’t get lapped by anyone in a MX5 MK1.  I even did some racing with Sam Riley.  The wonderful technology Blendini have installed in my car tells me I’m getting faster. My aim is that at the end of the season I’m somewhere in the pack of the B races.  I know I have a lot to learn but I’m a firm believer that practise makes perfect, or at least respectable.




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